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CMX4GX3M2A1600C9, warranty?


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I've had this system since late 2011, running 4x2gB CMX4GX3M2A1600C9, and the system has been next to flawless. I say next to, since as of late... The last 5-6 months or so, it's been giving me random BSoD's, but not often enough for me to actually get in to it and find my issue.

Yesterday, my system went down, and wouldn't boot again, corrupted system drive. Just what i needed, to get of my rear end, and figure out whats wrong. I was actually thinking bad capacitors or something, since "generally" other hardware doesn't fail like this due to age. But MemTest86 was pretty clear. Memory issue. At which point i did the only logical thing. Pull half of the memories, and try again. No error. Add on of the removed sticks. Errors. Remove the last added stick, and move one of the "other two" to the slot in which the error one was. No errors. Add the untested one in the slot from which the last one was moved. No errors. Add the erroring one to the last slot. Errors.


At which point i removed the second and third memory, and ran the first, and (erroring) fourth memory in slots 1 & 2. Still got errors. I'm not really interested in pulling the motherboard out of the chassi, so i can remove the CPU cooler, and test only the error throwing stick, but at this point i have tested it in 3 out of 4 slots, all which work fine with one of the other memories, so my conclusion is that this memory is faulty, rather then the motherboard, or the CPU. (memory controller)

Also, i saved the output from Memtest86, but since it's a .html file, it's not possible to just upload it. So i archived it, and added the .zip to the post. It is just a 26 second run, but the amount of errors...


I've double checked all the settings before i started checking for errors, timings and vMem is as supposed, so, i'm convinced that the memory really is the culprit.

Ok, 3x2gB will get me along for now, but what do i do with the faulty memory. Corsair rocks, they got some "limited lifetime warranty" if memory serves me right. Went to my retailers webpage and checked the purchase history, got a link to the memory, and as i remembered, it said "lifetime warranty". But no hints as to how one would use it. So i went here. I've had an account on the forum for... a while, so i thought i'd just ask the huge knowledge-reserve here if they know:

Is the stick covered by warranty?

If it is, how do i proceed?


Thank you for your time and effort.


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Indeed there is. But i sort of wanted to know if i would be wasting everyone's time by using it, or if the stick was still covered by the limited warranty. Also, since there is a "Corsair" employee on a Swedish forum, (SweClockers.com) suggesting that Corsair hardware might be better of dealt with through the original retailer, but the retailer only seams to add an extra middle man when i talk to them, and they flat out don't really want to deal with old memories, i wanted to know what actually was the "recommended way".

I've started a ticket, and we will see how things turn out from there, i suppose.

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So, i got the replacement RAM like 2 weeks ago. Slappped them in the system, and booted. BSOD.

Ok, these memories aren't as happy as the old ones when running in a 4x2gB configuration. Fine, i'll relax the timings. Went all the way to 11-11-11-36. Still BSOD's.

Ok, it should work in 1333MHz mode, so i can figure this out later. 9-9-9-24, 1.5v BSOD.

Grrr. 1.6v, try again. BSOD. Ok i give up. Pulled the sticks, and put them back in the packaging.

Yesterday i decided to get back in to it, and try to figure out what is actually happening.


Stuck the 4 sticks in, BSOD. Well, expected that. Memtest threw errors everywhere, even at 667Hz, 9-9-9-24 1.6v.

Pulled the rack, and unbolted the CPU cooler, so i could change the stick of RAM in the first slot, and stuck just the new RAM in the system. Memtest 6 hours later. All fine.

Replaced them with my "Known good" 2 sticks. All fine.

Dug out a really old samsung kit of 533MHz RAM. stuck the 4 2gB sticks in the system. Memtest real quick, no errors, after a couple of minutes. Reboot, back in the BIOS, upped voltage to 1.6v, and set timings to 9-9-9-24 and ran it at 667MHz. It's been running Memtest over night, just fine.


At this point i don't really know whats up. The old, and new memory Memtest just fine on their own, they just WONT play nice with one and other. At this point i'm just frustrated, and giving up. I'll be grabbing a 2x8gB pair of G.skill ARES 2133 (1066MHz) sticks for a memory upgrade in bandwidth, and memory size. I'd love to get Corsair, since the support has been great, but clearance issues with the CPU cooler means Vengeance Pro, or Dominator Platinum, just wont fit. It was a tossup between the G.skill, or a Kingston Hyper X Savage 1200MHz set, but the G.skill advertises 1.5v at speed, and they both have the same timings for 1066MHz operation. So, i'm going to hope for the best, and run with it. With a bit of luck i can get another year or two from this system.


I'll stick the new pair in my uncles system, next to his value select, (CMV4GX3M2A1333C9) and hope they don't mind running with those.

The old pair will get put in my fathers system, with the identical configuration, and then i hope they to play nice. I'll blame the whole experience on me having said that i wanted a memory upgrade once to much anyway, so now i got to buy it.


Anyway, thank you guys for the swift replacement of the sticks, even if it didn't work out perfectly.

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