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Asus Z170 Deluxe and CMK8GX4M2B3200C16


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I have this motherboard and these memories, as they are the only given as compatible with Corsair memory finder (all 4 slot populated).

I randomly experience boot problems (even at reboot) when XMP profile is enabled; I have to boot different times to boot up to avoid the "overclock failed" message.

I'm obviously on latest motherboard bios.

Any help, please?

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Are you sure it is a memory error on the boot failure? Q-code when it locks? I would expect a Deluxe to be able to run 2x4@3200.


Regardless, you may have more luck entering the primary memory timings into the BIOS. XMP is really just a time saver, but it also changes some other values and double checking to see what has been changed takes even more time then manually entering the timings. The board secondary and tertiary timings are probably just a little softer and are intended to get you to the OS every time.


BIOS (F7 -> Advanced BIOS) -> AI Tweaker column.


Scroll down to DRAM frequency. Select 3200 MHz.


Just below is the DRAM timing control. Enter that sub-menu. Input your 4 primary timings into the top 4 boxes (16-18-18-36). I may only be 3 on some Z170 boards (16-18-36). Leave everything else on Auto.


Go back to the AI Tweaker column and scroll down to bottom. Set DRAM voltage to 1.35v.


At 3200 MHz, you should be on the 100 BCLK or strap. System Agent Voltage (SA or VCCSA) is the other variable. Asus defaults and XMP values can be massively over done. You are probably looking for a total SA voltage between 1.10 and 1.20 at 3200. However, each individual CPU has a different baseline and you must add an offset value to that amount to make the total. Try something like a +0.15 to 0.20v positive offset and see where that takes you.



WAIT: All 4 slots populated? Did you combine two (2x4) kits? If so, that likely is the source of your problems. You can manually try and tune them to work together, but there is no guarantee of success and it can be tedious and painstaking. You can go a week without a crash, then lock up 5 times in an hour. This is why it is not recommended to mix kits, even when they are the same model number.

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Thanks, I'll take a try and post my results; at the time I bought the kit, Z170 was just released, and this were the only kit availeble, so I have to do 4x4 Gb modules...


Try only one kit at a time, please.

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