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K65 RGB Lux Windows Key Actuating Incessantly


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Hi everyone, I recently acquire a K65 RGB and I've encountered a few issues with it thus far.


1. The RGB pattern will freeze if connect it to USB 3.0 ports with time. (a few hours)


2. Over time the Windows Key will begin to actuate on it's own extremely rapidly. At first I though the problem was that the Windows Key was refusing to register on it's own, because using it in conjunction with Win + F or Win + E and those functions work, it's only when I would attempt to bring up the start menu via Window Key on it's own that it refuses to register. So then, out of curiosity I found this website that allows you to see what keys are actuating, and going here and the Win key is activating like crazy. The only solution to this is to disconnect and reconnect the USB cables, but this only works for a few hours at most, and then the problem returns.




I've tried:


1. Restarting CUE


2. Ensuring that I connect the USB cable with the arrows first and then the other cable.


3. Restarting the computer.


I'm now trying USB 3.0 to see if it is a 2.0 specific problem, I do not know why as now the RGB will invariably freeze as it did before discovering that the culprit to that was that it needed to be on USB 2.0.


I don't understand how Corsair has such a high asking price for this and it's so bug riddled.


Don't get me wrong, I like everything else about it, but this is kind of a deal breaker.


Coming from a red K70 Cherry Reds that I've owned without any problems for like 4 years I was at first in love with this thing and now I'm ready to throw it out the window.


Why so many issues with the newer keyboards?


Any help greatly appreciated.


Windows 7 Pro

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Using Switch Hitter, I have narrowed down the offending key by way of trial and error pressing all of the keys on the keyboard to the Volume Down Media Key 174 (0xae).


I've disabled it in CUE and hope that it actually remains disabled.


I never use this key anyways so I'm actually kinda thrilled if this solves the problem.


Yay for figuring this out on my own, hopefully this helps someone else.


So in sum, it wasn't the Windows Key that was actuating after all. Thank goodness there's software out there such as Switch Hitter.

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