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TWINX1024-2700LLPT errors


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Hi , I bought this ram about a year ago , but apparently my motherboard wasnt supporting it so I kept it , now I got a new motherboard/cpu setup and started using the ram but I kept getting crashes and weird problems like , when I want to compress a folder , the compressed file often ended up corrupted , same thing happened when extracting , the extracted files sometimes was corrupted sometime was fine , so I've been told that it is a possible ram problem , i tried memtest86 and I got around 40.000 errors at third pass , and I got the error at 619.33mb , on all the passes .

I also tried the ram at an asus a7v8x and i got smilar problems , but I didnt get to try memtest on that system

, Is this a definite ram problem ? if so , can i get an RMA number ?



the motherboard is Epox K8da3 with nforce3-250 chipset

ive an athlon 64 3400+

bios is the latest one and all the setups are default , I tried to underclock the ram and nothing changed

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry that will not work with Firefox as a mail client, unless you are using Linux or Unix as an O.S.

Please send us a email with a copy of the form or all of your info name address and phone# and the Module part# and copy the link to this post and email it to Rma@corsairmemory.com.

If after 1 day or 24 hours excluding weekends you do not get the rma please email the same to warranty@corsairmemory.com and we will help to resolve it.

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