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Older stick of 2700 gone awry


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I am 99.99% sure this will need an RMA-


Began experiencing random BSOD's and spontaneous reboots. Narrowed it down to one stick of RAM. Tried moving it to another slot with the same results. (Have two identical sticks and the other one is working fine) Friend had a machine that it would work in, so we tried it in there.....same issues began immediately.


I have no idea if the receipt is still around, and am not entirely sure where I had ordered it from.(could have been 3+ years ago when I built this one?) The stickers are still attached, however. Do I need to post the information from the sticker here? Thanks much!



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Can you tell me module part# and the make and model of MB you have along with the CPU speed and it’s FSB as well? In addition, please tell me the bios settings you have set for both CPU and memory and any performance settings that you may have set? And how many modules do you have installed in this system?
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Label on module:

(2400, not 2700...oopsie!)

Corsair XMS2400




MB- Gigabyte 7DXR Rev. 1.0

CPU- AMD XP2200 (Speed 1.80, clock 133)


BIOS setting for CPU is on default.

BIOS setting for RAM is:

SDRAM ECC- disabled

DRAM timing- Auto


I had just the two modules, though now it is only one.


Thank you for the assistance!


Just found the receipt! Purchased via the web from PC Progress on 08/06/01. :)

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