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Weird multiplier issue with TwinX1024 XMS Pro 3200C2 and MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum


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Hi everyone, i recently got a winchester 3200 running on my K8N Neo2 Platinum 54G board and i discovered a very weird thing and im not the only one having this problem either with this memory/mobo/cpu. Its a bit hard to explain but i´ll giv it a try.


I can start with my current spec...


MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum 54G

AMD A64 3200+ Winchester

Corsair TwinX 1024 XMS Pro 3200C2

2x Maxtor diamondmax s-ata 80GB

Gainward 2400GT GS (6800GT)

Coolermaster Hyper 6 cpu cooler

Tagan 480w psu (28A on 12V)


Then i can continue with saying that this problem that occurs with my corsair memorys dose not happend with Adata vitesta 566 memorys.


I figure your getting curious by now :confused:


Well heres the deal. In normal frequencys, multipliers and dividers this setup runs just fine, but when i try to oc it past 220Mhz FSB only one multiplier will work, regardless of HTT multiplier or any other bios setting. The only cpu multipel that it will boot with in 133 divider is X5 over 220Mhz FSB, with the 166 divider the only cpu multipel that works then is x6, and only the x4 cpu multipel works in 200 divider. Keep in mind that this didnt happend with adata vitesta sticks, it ran fine with every multipel/divider config...


Oddly enough it works fine in 100 divider on the memorys, every cpu multipel works then past 220Mhz FSB. So far i have gotten my winnie stable at 2,6GHz in standard vcore (with adata vitesta in 200 divider or with corsair running in 100 divider, 290x9 on the cpu). And i have managed to get my Corsair sticks stable at 274Mhz (548Mhz) with timings relaxed at 3-4-4-8 2T and vdimm at 2.85V but with a cpu frequency of 1096Mhz due to the fact that only the x4 multiplier works in 200 mem divider.


The divider table is as follows with the corsair sticks :


100 divider= every cpu multiplier bootable

133 divider= only x5 cpu multipel is bootable

166 divider= only x6 cpu multipel is bootable

200 divider= only x4 cpu multipel is bootable


With Adata vitesta 566 the following applys:

100 divider= every cpu multiplier bootable

133 divider= every cpu multiplier bootable

166 divider= every cpu multiplier bootable

200 divider= every cpu multiplier bootable


I have also tested my cpu and the corsair sticks on a Abit AV8-3rd Eye with the exact same result. Only one multiplier works in 133/166/200 dividers and everyone works in 100 divider...


Could someone please tell me what causes this I realize that it´s because of some incompatabillity between my corsair sticks and the cpu, but what? And most important: is there a solution to this somewhere?


PS. excuse my bad english.

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First of all, you need to realize that you are comparing apples to oranges here.


The A-Data modules are DDR566 (283MHz) and the Corsair modules are DDR400 (200MHz).


So when you're trying to overclock, the A-Data modules are so far below their specifications that they'll probably let you do anything and the Corsair modules are RIGHT AT their specifications, possibly causing some issues when you try to overclock.


The other important thing to note is that the Corsair modules should be 2.5-3-3-6 on an AMD system while the A-Data modules are around 3-4-4-8 or higher.


This gives the machine more breathing room when running in an overclocked state! Remember, with the Athlon 64's, the memory controller is ON THE CPU and thus any overclocking will affect it, even if you don't OC the memory.


What I'm trying to say here is that the DDR566 modules are designed to be overclocked, the DDR400 modules are not.




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I think that you might have missed the point... ;):


The issue is that i can´t run the memorys in 166 divider or 133 divider without just one multiplier working on the cpu..... Now you do understand that running the memorys in 133 or 166 divider gives the memorys lower speeds than the 200 divider.


If i for example run the FSB at 240Mhz and set the cpu multiplier to x10 and set the divider to 166, it gives me a memory frequency of 200Mhz. Why dosen´t this work with the corsair sticks when it works with the adata sticks? are´nt they supposed to handle 200Mhz? If i then reduce the memory speed even further by setting the divider to 133 then they should have no problem what so ever with the resulting speed of 171Mhz, but this dose not work...


So the problem in a nutshell is that 133/166 dividers wont work with these memorys even if the resulting speed is well below 200Mhz, it has nothing to do with overclocking the ram sticks, quite the opposite...

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Well we can try and replace the modules if you like, but this issue is a bios issue not a module problem if they will run at their advertized speed 1-1!


It could very well be a bios issue but then again, why did the same thing happend on a ABIT AV8 3rd eye? Its a different chipset... And on the other hand, isn´t the memory controller intergrated in the cpu?


I dont think theres anything wrong with the sticks because they can handle 548Mhz in 2.85V with timings relaxed to 3-4-4-8 2T as i described erlier (with a cpu speed of a measly 1096Mhz as a result of the x4 multipel), its just that only one cpu multiplier works in 133/166/200 divider (5/6/4 respectivly) with high FSB and thats rather annoying... If it is a bios issue, shouldn´t it happend with the adata sticks to?


I have talked to several people describing the exakt same thing with other memorys (also old), with high FSB only one cpu multiplier works, but when they try newer memorys it works just fine....... Crucial Ballistix gives a similar problem, with those sticks and an A64 the x9 multiplier wouldn´t work....


Is there any solution to this except buying Adata Vitesta sticks? I would be really happy if someone had any idea because my Corsair sticks can handle pretty high frequencies as is (with low cpu speed as a result now)...


Edit:... late night rambling removed :laughing:

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  • Corsair Employees
Well yes and no, the issue you have described is not because it's corsair but more so because of the IC that's used on that specific module. As I said we will be happy to replace them, but they rated at Cass 2.5-3-3-6 at DDR400 on AMD and it sounds that they will run at that and more with out problems. You may want to give the MB some time to mature and see what happens before you RMA the modules!
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I´ll give MSI some time with bioses and see what happends, if they don´t get it working, then i´ll just sell these sticks and buy Adata Vitesta instead. I have talked to a guy who has a pair of TwinMOS winbond BH-5 sticks and he had the exakt same problem with the multipliers, i think that my XMS Pro 3200C2 have BH-5 ic´s if i remember correctly.......


Well thank´s for the speedy replys and help guys :D:

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Well i´ve had it for nearly six months now with an 3800+ to begin with and a winchester 3200+ in the end, so i´m getting a bit tierd of waiting, fortunatly i have made a deal with a friend on my corsair sticks so i get new Adata Vitesta 4800 sticks for ~100usd in between, that´s cheap here in sweden...

So if they work as well as the 4500 sticks did with my mobo/cpu then there should´nt be any problems any more :D:


But thanks for all the help and input :D:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello, again. I have now got my hands on the Adata Vitesta PC4800 memorys :biggrin: I´m currently running in 300Mhz x8 with FSB to Mem at 1:1 an 3-4-4-8 2T timings, they are also stable at 260x10 2.5-3-3-6 1T. These are just preliminary results, i´m going to do alot more tweaking and see what results i get...


I can´t describe the happines that i feel to finaly be rid of the multiplier issue :biggrin:

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