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:eek: :eek: :eek:

I just got a new XMS TwinX 1024-3200C2PT. (2stick set)


powered up, then....




A nasty smell and my rig is toast.


I take out the sticks and see that pin 3 on both sticks is gone.


What the heck? Now my board will not even flash up at all.


I've been working on rigs since 1994, and never once have I seen (or smelled ) this.


Is Corsair going to replace my board too with their warranty?



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N.P. and just for FYI if you have that problem again I would try and reset the MB bios.


What blown pins of the memory module? :D: but seriously i doubt the memory would cause the error, since both modules pins went, the likelyhood of 2 duff modules and ones that cause that kinda damage are VERY low, most likely mobo or psu related.

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The board went completely toasty... you could smell the burning plastic from 5 ft away. No BIOS reset can fix that.


Be a couple days to get my PT880 back, but I'm also buying a new P4 3.2 Ghz , Thermaltake Silent Tower, Thermaltake Butterfly Silent Power 480 Watt PS.




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