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Ghost of old keyboard profile on new keyboard, new computer, no CUE


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Hi -


I bought a K70 RGB keyboard in July of 2014 and used it on the same system for over 2 years. I use it for work (self-employed transcriptionist). During that time, I had a need to use 5 periods frequently for one client, so I created a profile that used the unshifted tilde key to generate five periods.


In October 2016 I bought a K65 Compact (no RGB). Since this new keyboard is no frills, I assumed it wasn't programmable and didn't have any use for the CUE. However, I noticed that tilde key, which I had programmed in one profile to generate 5 periods, still did that on my new keyboard. I no longer needed the five-period scenario, so I tried removing that behavior.


Deleting the old profile didn't work, and even uninstalling the CUE had no effect. It was annoying but not catastrophic, so I just decided to live with it.


In December 2016, I bought a brand new laptop, brand new Windows install, no CUE, and hooked up the same K65 keyboard to it. I kind of forgot about the tilde key until a few days ago, when I hit the unshifted key by accident rather than the shifted tilde, which I use a lot. I noticed that the five periods returned. I always assumed they had somehow come from the CUE profile, but CUE has NEVER been on this laptop. So where is the keyboard getting that information from?


I'd love to be able to restore the keyboard to its original, unprogrammed behavior. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!


Karen :confused:

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Strange, the keyboard does not have onboard memory so it shouldn't have saved to the keyboard. Have you tried reflashing the firmware via CUE?


Hi, Toast -


Thanks for your quick reply. I tried downloading the K65 CUE to see if that would help, but it tells me no device connected. I too am baffled as to where it's coming from, since the K65 doesn't appear to be programmable at all. And I've never had the CUE on this laptop. It's definitely a mystery!

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