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bad ram? bsod: IRQL_ & mem mngment

Tom Kerr

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Im having a great time with this rig!


First I had to RMA the shuttle, now it has come back and the ram is acting up (or so I believe) Im wondering if I didnt test the ram long enough back before RMA'ing the shuttle. the errors come at different times however.


I have 2 sticks of value select:



Shuttle 75 (SB75G2) 800 FSB

3.0 GHz P4 (northwood)

ATI 9500 pro

some WD hdd, dunno if thats pertinent.


short story:

(without prior problems)

doing a clean install of windows xp it dies



the MM one happened around the devices _i think_ and the IRQL_ has happened near the end, but Im not certain that it hasnt happened at other junctures in the process. Ive gotten 2 IRQL_ and 1 MM so far.


ran memtest86 got 1 err leaving it on from sleeping last night to getting home from work today, like the smart guy that I am I didnt write it down before I started pressing buttons and I dont know what it was. test 4 pass 57 or something? Sounds weak, so I think ill leave it on again tonight.


long story:

Ive been fighting this stupid rig forever, and its painful story. get some tissues :*(


ive had problems installing windows, crashing when I upgrade to sp2 or when updating ms VM in sp1. swapped out pretty much all the hardware, ran memtest for a while (im not certain if it was long enough now that I got an error last night). only thing I was unable to swap was CPU. It would install fine, but when it rebooted it would crash right when windows screen would show its ugly face. and then just cyclically repeat that little adventure until i hard restarted it and loaded last known good config.


in windows 2k I would get IRQL_ bsod pretty consistently, where in xp i would get something like the above or total weirdness.


so I RMA'd the shuttle, and now Im to the short story.


I haven't tried to update my bios, and honestly Im at a loss. Shuttle rearranged their site, I cant even find their old documentation. All I have is the bin, no floppy image or anything. I dont have a very reliable floppy drive, I dont even use the rediculous things, so Im always screwed when I have to use them. So is there a generic way to make a bootable CD rom to flash this?


I also dont see the bios version anywhere, Its not where I remember their docs saying it was. Is there a reliable way to find it without having to speed read the hardware info?


I hope its just the ram, but I fear its the least of my worries :\





friend told me to change the timings to 8/4/4 and thats working ok so far!

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