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RMA Needed


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I had an issue with the 512MB Stick in my system. The KR7A-RAID Abit motherboard with 1.2 G Athalon would just beep repetedly. No POST or any Video at all. I looked up the error codes for the BIOS and found that it indicated bad memory. I removed the problem 512 MB stick and moved another 512 MB stick into that bank. The system booted fine. I put the problem 512 MB stick into the second bank, the system did not recognize it but booted fine. I tried putting it back alone and the beep came back.


I sent the stick back to Memorey man, where I purchased it.

(The have a "Lifetime Warrenty") But, they no longer sell Corsair memory and told be to get an RMA number from Corsair and forward it to them. They will then ship the memory to Corsair for replacement.


So, I need the ID number you provide so I can submit an RMA to Corsair.

Memory Man still has my memory, so I can't get the precise model and SN.


The memory in question is:

512 MB DDR (266) PC-2100 ECC Corsair


(The second stick is of the same type, but a newer revision.)

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