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Within two last weeks I have a funny noise coming from H80iGT at startup my PC computer. After pressing power button on my PC I can hear noise coming out from the pump for 20sec up to 1 minute. usually it happens when computer is powered off for last couple of hours. Once it is started pump seems to be wroking fine without any noise. I have some suggestions about this:

is there might be a low level liquid issue inside waterloop unless water pump is damaged.

If it is low level issue so I need to find out is possible to fill it up this system with new coolant.

I bought this cooling system last year.

Is anyone have this kind of problem before and is there any solution to resolve it?

Thanks in advantage for your reply.

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Hi, this funny noise comes at booting up the system. as far as I know the pump is running with maximum speed


Post a screen shot showing both CL4 [Home] tab + H80iGT pump config panel. Make sure all the H80iGT [home] tab information is visible. Click on the H80iGT pump to get to the config panel and then move it.


See http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=853900 for how to attach a file/screen image to a post.

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