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Playing Game Forces Colour Switch?


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I'm not used to posting on forums, so I'll try to keep this professional.


My K95 RGB Keyboard has worked flawlessly since I bought it a couple of years ago. The customization has been working fine up to now.


I bought an "infamous" game called Homfront; The Revolution on Steam, whenever I load into this game, my keyboards red colour lighting shuts off. Then flicks back to a very hard on the eyes, white, red, and blue mess of keys in no particular order. (The ripple effect is also nonresponsive)

I cannot turn down the brightness to zero and ignore it, I've tried making a copy of my default red profile and hotlinking it to turn itself on when the application (Homefront) starts up. But nothing works.

There doesn't seem to be any other game on any of my gaming libraries (Steam, Battlenet, Origin) that have this problem.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Or is there something wrong with the game that's altering my keyboard?


Thanks, Kasket007

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It sounds like the keyboard disconnected from CUE as red+white is the default colour profile. When the application is running, Is the keyboard still detected in CUE?


If the application has CUE SDK integrated, that may too be a reason why it is changing colours. You can test this by unticking "Enable SDK" under global settings.

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