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VOID Won't Stay in Charge Mod


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I bought Corsair's VOID headphones yesterday. I set it up without downloading the Engine Software.


Today I did download the Software, as the headphones ran out of battery and needed to charge. They won't stay charging, however, they either turn off or just go out of charge mode and turn off because the battery died. When they are ON they work fine.


Firmware version: 39.02


I have done the following:

- I forced update the Firmware.

- Software update constantly says there's an error but I've read this is normal?

- Paired the Headphones with the USB but I think they got unpaired again as the USB is blinking.

- Checked the "disable auto-shutoff"


The Headphones work when turned on, but beep constantly. When plugged into the USB there is a whine, but once it stops charge mode this vanishes. Until it beeps for low battery.

The Lights on the headphones and Infomic turn off when it goes out of charging. When in charging the Mic will have the amber fade in/out.

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