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"W" key randomly stops working


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I just bought this keyboard a month ago. I've noticed while playing Overwatch, CSGO, and now the game Prey, that when I'm walking forward (while pressing W) my characters will randomly stop moving.


I have to then depress the key again to walk. It's not always quick, it will happen just randomly, sometimes in quick succession where I have to constantly hit W as if I'm letting off the switch.


This is especially true when I sprint (by pressing Left Shift), I'll run forward, but if I let off sprint then try to sprint again I can't.



I've tried Switch Hitter, but it isn't showing anything odd (as far as I can see).


And, I have no issues when just typing, but all my games are becoming annoying to play.


I've searched around for fixes, but I can't seem to find any. I've tried blowing compressed air under the key, but doesn't fix at all.



Is there anything I can do?

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