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Stiffer Cherry MX Brown Keys compared to Das Keyboard


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I do own two keyboards currently and used many mechanical keyboards in my life. However, when compared to other keyboards such as Das Keyboard 4 Professional with Cherry MX Brown and Filco Cherry MX Brown, the Corsair k70 LUX RGB Cherry MX Brown keys are harder to press. Is that normal? I like the softer feeling of Das Keyboard and I chose brown for typing, which is awesome on Das Keyboard. However, I like the RGB of Corsair too. The browns of Corsair are harder than even Blues and Clear switches. There is something not quite right here. They feel like they have O-Rings installed as well. Also, this is stiffer than Razer Green Switches, which should not be according to the what I have learned and experienced about Cherry MX Browns so far.


Do you have the same problem?

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