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K95 RGB MX red swtiches


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The switches on our keyboards are soldered onto the board itself. Unfortunately we do not have any guides or videos to removing the switch, because it will void warranty.


Ehm i have an idea and probably will sounds strange but i will try the same:

its possible to order/buy and to have a "personal" keyboard with personal technical features like few switch in cherry mx brown and other few switch with cherry mx clear?

I mean i can buy the k95rgb platinum with cherry mx brown but with "specific" taste in cherry mx clear.

Thanks a lot

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We do not sell made to order keyboards.

Well in theory for people that usually to disassembly and soldered the switch of keyboard is not a working "out of the ordinary";im only asked if its possible to applied this technical specif for my special needs,that's it; Its a like to buy a "tailored suit"(without being confused with Taylor Swift :) in "Giorgio Armani".

I only need a key with:

4 taste in cherry mx brown --> for gaming

4 taste in cherry mx clear --> for gaming

All other in cherry mx speed -- > for working


Thanks in advance

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