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Corsair Strafe Quits Working When "Too Much Is Happening"


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The quotations exist because replying to a tweet and playing a game qualify as too much happening. Edit: it seems to be whenever there is any sort of motion video on screen. Tweets with videos, any sort of game


It remains lit, but input simply stops being received.It's as if I am not pressing any keys. They don't respond to me pressing them in any way, the windows-lock icon does not even turn off if I press that for example.


Same with my razor naga and Corsair H2100 headset, from time to time they also stop working.


I've tried everything from changing power plans to trying to find specific drivers for these devices. I installed the CUE and Headset Software but my old computer (which was awful and weak) did not even require me to go that far, and it did not even work anyway.


Has anyone encountered this problem? Does anyone know what it might be? Does anyone know where I should go to ask?

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