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RMX750 additional CPU 4pin connector


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Hi all,


So I've only built a few PCs before so perhaps this is a stupid/obvious question.


I have a Corsair RMX750 which has an ATX 24pin and an EPS 8pin connector.

I have an MSI z270 M7 motherboard which has a 24pin, 8pin and an additional 4 pin (which from what I have read is for overclocking, or "extreme OC" as people tend to write).


Now I want to overclock an i7 7700k and unfortunately just used compatibility sites to confirm parts where compatible rather than specifically checking these connectors. I can ask on the MSI forum if overclocking is safe outside of the 4 pin to any degree (the PC runs fine without this additional 4 pin).

My question is: Is there any way to get a suitable connector to the 4 pin? Possibly by using the Molex or is this not a safe idea? I am wondering if it isn't safe to OC without it, whether I will have to just get another PSU in the future when I want to OC.


my motherboard:




The 8/4pin connector are at the top left.



Thanks for your help

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