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Major issue involving CUE overriding all DPI profiles

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Recently i was playing my game and i realized that the CUE software had become extremely buggy.


Ive had issues where the keyboard would completely bug out and for example id hit Enter and it would exit out of the current program active on top.


thats not the issue im talking about here today.


I just noticed that when i change on Specific Profiles DPI setting on my Corsair Schimitar mouse, it changes this with all my other Profiles.


For example, if i change Profile [OVERWATCH] first dpi to 1800, it will change any other said profile for ex. [WINDOWS] [H1Z1] [sONY VEGAS] to that dpi too.


This is an extreme issue that has hindered me unable to perform many daily tasks Quickly and accurately.


please help me, its a huge pain.


below ive included a link to a video replicating the issues, it happens after restart too.



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