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Corsair Link uses a lot of processor power


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Corsair Link (Version uses 3-5 % from my OC 4,5 GHz Intel i5 6600K.


I think that's too much. Is it the same on your system?

Are Corsair working on this bug?


Where are the fan curves stored? Can I exit Corsair Link and the fan curves work anyway?











Devices in Corsair Link are:


Corsair h100i GTX

Corsair RMI 650

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I have the same excessive CPU usage by Link. Considering all it does is read temperatures and fan speeds. that is just unbelievable. I can only assume they have some fundamental design problem that can't be easily fixed. I have abandoned buying any and all Corsair products that require running Link.
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So, since Corsair does not answer, I will review my Corsair Products in Amazon and co.

There will not be many stars ;)


Equally the Hardware from my K70 Rapidfire is fine but the Corsair Software is annoying me.


BTW why are the design and usability from two apps from one company so different?

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ok I updated my thinger. In Task Manager it only shows Corsair Link using 2 percent of the cpu time.


OK, so that's 16% of one CPU. Is that with the CPUs running @ 800MHz or @ 4500MHz?


If it's @ 4500MHz then that would be 90% of a CPU @ 800MHz, so the load imposed by CL4 will when the system is idle will mean CPUs will speed up because of CL4, use more power and generate more heat :eek:.


The other factor is how much CL hardware you have? I suspect just a single cooler. Switch the LNP to temperature mode, add a Corsair "i" PSU + CL Mini and then look at the usage ;):.



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I happened to be testing SIV with quite a lot of CL hardware active so I though I would check how CL4 and SIV compare in terms of CPU usage.


  • CL4 was 64% @ 3.10 GHz, 64 x 3.10 / 1.20 = 165 % @ 1.20 GHz
  • SIV was 4% @ 1.20 GHz
  • So CL4 uses 40 times more CPU resources than SIV and actually does less :bigeyes:.
  • That was just the CL4 service and the CL4 GUI was also using CPU resources.



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