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Today the gift i made myself arrive, and i'm so exited ! As my old Razer Naga was full of hardware problems i had to buy a new one.

I'm not new to corsair, i have a headset and so as it seems to be good products i decided to buy my new mouse from you.


As i unbox it i found it better than i've pictured it. Everything look so well done and strong..! The mouse feel good in my hand, i'm grateful i made the good choice buying corsair !


So i plug it in and while i'm installing Corsair Utility Engine i think of all the cool thing i'll be able to do with it, macro and RGB !

As i launch it i'm a bit confuse that no thing make sens as i try to see/change a sidekeys. After some trys i get it, and realise i'll have to do the same thing for all keys, for each profils i'd like to use... :eek:

That cant be it, i must have miss something, so i look averywhere i can find informations, once i though a usefull website was made to share profiles, so that classics one like Numpad or Numeric one were downloadable. http://gaming.corsair.com/en-us/rgbshare

But no, nothing, i'm chocked. How does a simple thing like binding key can be made so damn complicated and time consuming...


I was so hyped, so happy of my new mouse... how can you do this...

So here i am, sharing my little adventure of the day. Of course i'll be able to do what i want from this mouse, so whats the matter you'll say me ? Well i am a geek, i love learn things and test options and stuff on my new products, but this still made me frustrated as i didnt found what i wanted.

So now imagine people who dont like this stuff. If they just want to plug it in and use it as it's made ? What then...

If i were in an hurry i woundnt have found a way to use my new mouse, i would have plug in my old naga 2009 even if i cant scroll, even if i cant use somes buttuns... Just to be able to use it with basic options like numpad or numeric.

So i just wanted to share this with you, as i found your products realy good, please, please rethink your software, and make it more userfriendly...

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Thanks for the manual, but if i was confused about CUE it was just because it was not convenient. I though this kind of software would have been.


I'm using this kind of mouse since 2010~, so i think i was expecting what was standard for everyone of them. A basic profil by default with whatever bind the maker decide.

Then i was expecting a simple UI for attributing simple binds. I dont know how you cant see that its not a good UI, maybe just because you only knew this one.


I'm just trying to help here, pointing something that can be improved for Corsair who make good products.

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I didn't comment on the UI tho lol. I get that CUE is hard to get set up at first, but the upside is it has a lot more features. I just meant even if it had a default binding like the Pro does it's not guaranteed to fit everyone.


They are working on improving the UI constantly, and if I got this right. You just want a way to quickly bind a "standard" profile to the mouse without having to bind an action to each key.

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