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Set of CMX512-3200C2PT won't run at DDR400


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I have an ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe that was running a 333-FSB AMD CPU so I kept the FSB and memory at 333. Recently I acquired a newer 400-FSB AMD CPU (XP3000), so I tried to set the memory and FSB to 400. I found I get either screen lock or blank black screen crashes unless I back the memory bus back to 333. This is with the memory timing set to "Optimal" and even custom set to 9-5-5-CL3. Both produce the same problem after a few minutes of booting. The ASUS is at the latest BIOS rev for it's board version. I'm pretty sure this is a memory module problem (and I've tried them in as singles, as singles in different slots as well as together in Dual and notDual modes), because a friend's set of the exact same model number (CMX512-3200C2PT) and version work fine in any configuration I've tried at 400. Please help if you have any ideas or allow me to RMA.
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