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Should I exchange or return?


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I recently purchased some DDRAM for my PC from Newegg.com and wanted to know if someone could tell me what my next steps are.


I recently contacted Newegg.com with the problem discribed below, and they referred me to you.


Here's the background:


On Order Date 06/10/2004, I bought Item 20-145-480, Corsair Dual Channel Value Select 1 GB DDRAM (512x2) Serial# 0BZSCO0400001W4. I installed it and it worked fine.


On Order Date 01/09/2005, I bought Item 20-145-480 (exactly the same as above), Corsair Dual Channel Value Select 1 GB DDRAM (512x2) Serial# 0BZSCO0400050K. I installed it and it was very unstable, when used with the first purchase. I tested the new DRAM by itself and it worked fine. I then put the existing DRAM back in and it was unstable again.


I then consulted the Corsair websites and other websites, but didn't find the solution. I then took a look at the DRAM timings in the BIOS and they had changed from the setting used for my existing DRAM:


Original Timing: New Timing:

CAS Latency 2.5 vs. 3

RAS # Prechg 3 vs. 4

RAS# to CAS Delay 3 vs. 4

PreChg Delay 8 vs. 6

Burst Length 8 vs. 4


My FSB went down from 200 to 160 and the FSB DRAM Ratio lowered from 1:1 to 5:4. Not good.


I bought the exact same Item form the Newegg.com website (20-145-480), 6 months apart, and the DRAM wasn't compatible, I took ever precaution in ordering and made sure the DRAM I had matched the DRAM Newegg.com was selling. It didn't make sense.


Then I started to look at what my system was reporting I had in the RAM slots. As it turns out, the existing DRAM was labeled "VS512MB400C3," as was the new DRAM, but the existing DRAM was named "VS521MB400" in my system. That wasn't originally what I had ordered.


It took a lot of work but I finally figured out that the DRAM Newegg.com sent my originally on 06/10/04 was mislabeled and therefore not the same DRAM I had requested from them. Because of a mistake in the first order, I ordered what I thought was the same DRAM, ended up getting DRAM with different timings.


Request: Based one the above, I would like to know if I can exchange my New Dual channel DRAM (VS512MB400C3) for some of the Dual channel DRAM I already have (VS512MB400), since its faster? If the Dual channel VS512MB400 is not available, please let me know how you would like to correct this situation. The DRAM I currently have is faster than the DRAM I ordered the second time, but I am sure we'll be able to work something out. I don't think you want me to return my existing DRAM, but if you need me to let me know. As well, if you need more info, let me know.


All I am looking for is Dual Channel DRAM that matches, works in my system, and runs at the same speed. I didn't expect this situation to happen. Please contact me and let me know what I should do.





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So both times you ordered VS1GBKIT400C3, but the first time NewEgg.com shipped you VS1GBKIT400, correct?


My advice would be to talk to NewEgg about swapping them since they are only a week old.


The mem speed dropping is most likely because you're running 4 sticks, but can't be confirmed without more info.


What CPU / FSB / motherboard do you have?

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