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Disappearing profiles


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Keyboard K65

CUE 2.12.66

Windows 10


Bought: beginning of March

Problem started: 2-3 weeks ago? after update? not sure (surely before Easter)


I've made some advanced profiles myself with icons and backgrounds, also I've downloaded some profiles that were created by other users.

They were all saved to the keyboard device.


After some time I've noticed that a background vanished from one of my profiles (loaded it again, when it happened again I've ignored it). Then, after few days, a first profile was gone (from top), just vanished from the list. Next day - next profile, and so on. So I've downloaded some user profiles again and had 2 of them. I left my PC for Easter and when I'm back and using the computer for already 3-4 days it happened again - I'm left with only one profile, the first on the list is gone.




(Also, I have no sharing profiles icon now, there on the list, did they remove that option to download user profiles directly from CUE?)

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Disappearing profiles is a known issue. It will be best to backup your CUE folder after creating/customising your profiles.


You can find that folder in %appdata%\Corsair\CUE


I don't see the RGB Share button in 2.12.66 as well, Its possible they may have removed it.

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Ok, we will wait then ;(


About the missing share button, I spoke yesterday to a person who had 2.11 version, updated it yesterday and they have the button.

Also, I logged into my computer with different Windows account and there the button in CUE is present xD So I guess there's something wrong. I've already posted about it in suitable thread because someone else written about it.

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