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Corsair One Pro (480ssd, 2tb) Availability in Canada


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Hi Everyone,


I live in Canada and wish to purchase the Corsair One Pro, specifically the 480ssd, 2tb hd version. Currently the model is out of stock for all Canadian and US online retailers that I can find throughout the internet. I have heard that the item is on backorder, yet I have no clue if the pc shall become available within weeks or even months. Sadly, I'm on a tight timeframe in order to receive a new computer, thus said if the item is on backorder for two months I will be unable to wait until then to purchase one. If anyone could let me know the ballpark range as to when the item will become available again from online retailers in North America it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


~At the odd chance any units are currently available any links would be highly appreciated!

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