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Identify pumps with pump symbol instead of fan symbol


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Question: I have two EK DCC pumps with PWM connectors to the Commander mini.. is it possible to visually identify these as pumps instead of fans?


I'm returning to Corsair Link after swearing to newer use it again in 2015. I had some horrible experience with the "old" commander and I believe allot of the SW and HW that has been passed on to us consumers didn't work as should be expected and also phasing out the HW after that short a time and stating that it's out of warranty was a ****ty way to treat customers.




I'm now using the commander mini with two cooling nodes and the latest link SW on a customer water loop from EK with two pumps and a bunch of fans.. and based on the initial 4-6 hours of testing it works great! Hope it continues like this! Reading the forum it seems others are experiencing allot of issues still. But.. this looks allot better then 2015! Fingers crossed!:sunglasse


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