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Asus K8v Deluxe and Corsair VS512mb


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I was given the above motherboard for christmas with an Athlon64 3000.

I was using an xp2600 on a jetway board before with no problems.

I changed everything over and did a clean install of Windows xp as I've done many times before.

It copied my files across but failed when it restarted and began to install.

The errors were file/s not copied(random files.), Error not reading file from disk, The file on the disk is not an official image ??, and sometimes blue screens with different errors( from what I remember The codes given related to hardware vendor errors).

I returned the board and chip back and they have checked them for me with no problems.


I have tried 3 different makes of PSU, An ati 9600, an nvidia 5600 and a geforce 440. 3 different hard drives WD 120gb, seagate 80gb and Maxtor 80gb all under 6 months old.

3 different cd drives a samsung cd 52 speed, an lg cd rewriter and an liteon dvd +rw writer.

I have used the onboard sound an creative sound blaster and an creative 5:2 sound cards.

I have tried 3 different sticks of corsair value select memory all tried as single sticks.

vs512mb400c3 ( all the same).all set to spd or auto both tried.

All 3 sticks have been tested individually on my xp system with memtest for 12 passes each with no errors.

I did try one on my athon64 system but came up with too many errors with memtest so I figured it must be a board or chip problem.

I'm at a loss as to what else to try.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Mike :

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I took the board and chip back and had them tested and it did the same with their setup.

Tested the chip on another board and all was ok so I have swapped the board for an abit nf8 and all is working fine with the defaults set in bios.

Thanks for the reply.


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