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Macro with mouse clicks keeps clicking when macro ends?!


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I have this problem with every single macro I try to make which has mouse clicks in it, and if the macro repeats or toggles. See the picture attatched for a macro example.


The problem is that no matter if it's a "repeat while pressed" or "toggle" macro, when I end the macro the mouse button gets "stuck". Not physically stuck, of course, but it keeps sending clicks/acting like if I held the mouse button down. No other part of the macro persists, no other buttons keep being "pressed", it's only the mouse clicks. And this is happening on 6-7 different macros, everytime I use a repeating mouse clock.


This is EXTREMELY annoying, and nullifies the use of a lot of my macros that I used when I had my Razer mouse.


Is this a problem for everyone? Any fix?



Forgot: I'm using a K70 keyboard, Scimitar mouse, and CUE 2.12.66 on Windows 10. The issue has persisted across the last 5-6 versions of CUE.


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That worked, for the macros that involve a click, so thanks for that :)


I do have macros that require a mouse button to be pressed, and another key pressed meanwhile. Those don't work :/


Send me your profile (via a link in a PM) and let me know what youre trying to do. I can review it to determine what the problem is.

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