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I whish to know if there is an official downloadable source where I can find the drivers and softwares for the Corsair One in case I make a new installation of Windows 10.


When I look at Corsair's download page, I see a Corsair Link software v.4.6, but when I launch the installer to upgrade the version that came with I get an incompatibiliy error message. Looking for newer version through the Corsair Link software says there is no new version.



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According to Corsair tech support the sideloaded software is not (yet?) available for download.


I encountered this question/problem yesterday myself, when I received a Corsair One Pro with a broken windows boot partition. I asked if it was possible for me to load Windows from an USB stick, and if they could simply provide my windows registration info, as well as the sideloaded applications for dowload on a link. Nope; what you need is currently only available in the windows boot partition.. Had to return the entire unit as DOA.


This leads me to believe that the Corsair Link software you are able to downlod online is not compatible with the Corsair One..

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I can't do a snapshot of the error message that pops when I try to install the Corsair Link software available as download at moment because I am in vacation for another two weeks.


I do not have any problem with my Corsair One Pro, even with the Creators update made through the Windows update, but I asked as I can't find any drivers and the essential Corsair Link software from which depends the cooling system management, as an official download. I guess we will have them soon.


This PC is awesome...

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