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Am I correct in thinking I can use the H110 for AM4 processors?


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I have recently brought a Ryzen processor! I also picked up one of these;

Corsair H110 all-in-one CPU Liquid/Water Cooler with 280mm Radiator for Intel/AMD Processors


I understand that it doesn't come with the correct mounting bracket for the AM4 processors, but I can request one from the corsair website. I have done so (and it was free - Corsair gets brownie points for that!). Can someone confirm that this is actually the case, this is my first foray into liquid cooling and with the H110 having many different extentions (eg. H110i, gtx, etc.) I'm feeling a little out of my depth.


Also, does anyone know how long delivery usually takes to UK?

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Which H110? Do you already have a H110? Post a link to what you have.


You can use a CoolIT H110i with a Ryzen and should be able to get it delivered tomorrow.


The Asetek H110iGTX and H115i need a special bracket and have silly firmware.


See http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=796027 for why you should get a CoolIT H110i :nodding: rather than an Asetek H115i :(:.

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