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Custom HD120 RGB Controller Ideas?


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Hi Folks!


I'm still working on the custom HD120 RGB controller software and I'm looking for some input on a few things. I know I can just make it what I'd want, but if I want to make it friendly for other folks to be able to use, I'd like your opinions also.


First off, an update on the current state of things:

- Along with the hardware version that will fit into the housing for the default controller for an HD120 or SP120 RGB fan, I also made a "skinny" version that has the added benefit of being able to control a set of LED strips like those that come with the Lightning Node Pro. The in-development version of the software currently handles this as well.

- I've thrown together a handful more modes and expanded on some modes.

- I've implemented setting save capability.


Sorry, no videos of the extra stuff yet.


What I'd like to know:



Should settings be saved immediately when they are set, or only when requested?

The first treats it as constant long term memory. Set a setting and you know that a reboot will not wipe it out. The latter allows you to make changes, then revert to the saved settings if you don't like them. Or save them manually at once if you do.


Keep in mind that there is a limit to how many times the saves can be written, however this is about 55 times a day average for five years.


Mind you I'll look into the possibility of multiple memory slots Just Because I Can, however if I do this, it would place hardware requirements on the system (No option to use a Mini, for example, it would have to be a Pro Micro, definitely). But even with slots, save on demand or at each change?


What kinds of lighting effects would you find interesting?

Please keep in mind that the custom controller doesn't really get realtime data from the computer unless somebody can come up with a way (program) to do so. At the moment USB HID testing is not going to happen until I find solutions to certain problems, so we're stuck with Serial communications.


So far I have a general selection of interesting things and I'm intending to work on multi-fan/multi-strip handoffs. For the time being though, looking for things that a given fan or strip can be directed to do without feedback (temp, music, etc).


Any other general requests or ideas? (Other than "Build this for us so we can buy it", because no, sorry. ^.^; )

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