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Keyboard stops working frequently


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I have an issue with my Corsair K65 non-RGB.

It worked fine for about 4 weeks, but I ran into problems yesterday. It frequently just stops working, so I have to unplug it, press and hold ESC, and plug it back in. It continues to work for a while... if I'm lucky.

But around half an hour ago, it got really bad. It only worked for 2 seconds or so after plugging it in again, I've tried it several times. Had to restart Windows. Then it worked for a few minutes and I had to do the whole plug-out-hold-ESC-plug-in procedure again. Now it works (for how long? 15 minutes?), but I don't trust the keyboard enough to play a game with it.


I've tried updating the firmware with CUE, but it doesn't detect the keyboard. I think CUE didn't install correctly, as it tells me in the bottom left corner that I should repair the installation. Which I already did of course, several times.


Any ideas what I can do now?

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Do you mean the two lights for scroll lock and caps lock? It is a plain K65, no RGB. I keep scroll lock activated all the time now so that I can see when the keyboard stops working. When the keys stop working, the light goes out as well.


I didn't have the opportunity to try it on another computer, but a friend came over and plugged his K65 in, which worked fine. So I'm reasonably sure there is something wrong with the keyboard. And considering a simple re-plug never works, while plug-out-hold-esc-plug-in works every time (even if it is only for a few seconds), I suspect it might not be the hardware itself, but rather the firmware.

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