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H110 radiator severely corroded after 2 years use


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Today I was cleaning out and replacing the fans in my second rig, and when I removed the radiator to put in new fans I noticed several spots of some white and brown foamy substance on the radiator channels. I thought they were just dirt, so I dug at them with my fingernail. To my horror I found two large holes undearneath these spots, and as I scraped away the corrosion liquid even started spurting out :S


I can see 2-3 other spots between the channels where the glycol has started to leak, leaving a white trace.


I guess this is covered by corsairs 5 year warranty, but the question is how did this even happen in the first place? And does this affect all Asetek coolers? I don't live near a salty environment, I've never used corrosive chemicals to clean my computer and I haven't modified the pump or coldplate in any way.


I've attached a couple of images, they don't show how it looked like before I cleaned the corrosion away but serve to illustrate just how badly this could have ended had I not discovered it in time.



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