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Update for rysen 7 1700x ?


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i have found, that if i launch the latest 64bit version of cpuid HWMonitor, then launch CL4, my asus b350m-a reports temperatures correctly.


When I read this I felt it rather unlikely from what I know about how the CPUID SDK is implemented, so I checked and even when I start HWM 1.31.0 first CL still fails the report the AMD Ryzen 7 CPU Root Complex temperature ("core" temperature).


  1. I did as you specified and as I expected it makes no difference at all.
  2. HWM also fails to apply the -20°C offset, see http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/amd-ryzen-7-have-a-temperature-20-degree-c-reporting-offset.html.
  3. The 45°C below is reported by the motherboard and not by the AMD Ryzen 7 CPU Root Complex.
  4. CL4 is not using the Global\Access_PCI named mutant (mutex) which it should use to interlock access to the CPU Root Complex PCI registers.
  5. Members who specify latest version should be banned :mad:
  6. They may think it's the latest version, but it may well not be.
  7. Stop being silly :bigeyes:
  8. Note I was using the CPUID SDK and the that comes with CL will totally fail to report any temperatures.




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ray, maybe i should expand on this ...


i am seeing the offset shown in HWM, under the TMPIN0, but not under Package. caveat - my BIOS is 0604. have you updated yours yet?


without loading HWM first, i see nothing in CL4 under the motherboard ...

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ray, maybe i should expand on this ...


Specify the version numbers and post screen shots :asskick:


Unless you do this even more time could be wasted :mad:.


Either way this is nothing to do with reporting the Ryzen reported temperature which is what pstlouis10 is asking about :confused:.

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