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Diablo 3 & K70 lux stopped working


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FIXED - someone on reddit says to flash firmware again (even tho i got latest) and that seems to fix it




As thread title says i lost backlight while playing diablo 3 any way to fix it ?

SDK is enabled in CUE (latest ver. 2.12.66), firmware 2.05, checked files via blizzard tool no problems there, checked D3Prefs.txt and there's DisableChromaEffects "0" so its not that.


Is there any file from CUE that maybe i need to edit or check for correct path for diablo.exe file or something?


thnx for any help :)

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I have the same problems with Diablo 3, all the time and after a long break from Diablo, I decided to come back and "dust off" my legendaries - and Diablo 3 does not work.

Ehhh... No one to help, and now I must buy Diablo 3 legendaries at shop with games and currency like Odealo

Actually I can't wait no longer, and buy Diablo 3 leveling with https://odealo.com/games/diablo-3/america-hardcore

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