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HX1000i - Sata / 6 PIN Modular Cable


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I've just completed setting up the HX1000i PSU on my rig and unfortunately, my first attempt to POST wasnt succesful. After much investigation, I nailed the issue down to a 6 pin SATA power connector where I had used a cable taken from my previous PSU instead of the included / default ones.


This SATA 6pin power was connected to my AIO pump as a reference.


Questions I have is -

1. my previous PSU, Seasonic X-series 850w pin out on the unit has the exact same Pinouts as the HX1000i (I believe the 12v pins and ground are all in the same place). the PSU cables for each PSU are also identical which to me, means the cable itself should be interchangaeble.


factoring in the above, why would the HX1000i not boot/POST the system when using the cable from the Seasonic ?

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