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i7 6700k / H115i Temperatures


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Hi, everyone!


A couple of days ago, I decided to dust my computer for the first time since I bought it. I thought I might as well buy some isopropyl and reapply the thermal compound too. I removed the H115i block and used some paper towel and the isopropyl to clean the congealed paste from both the CPU and the copper heat sink. I used some Cooler Master paste, squirting a rice-grain amount and pressing the block down firmly to ensure spread. The PC booted fine, everything seemed normal.


However, when I opened Corsair Link 4 to gross-error check the thermals, I noticed they were slightly higher than they normally were with the old paste.


  • Before Reapplication: the CPU sat at 19-22C idle, and getting to around 30-40C under load.

  • After Reapplication: the CPU hovers around 24-26C, with random jumps into the low thirties. Under load, it still sits around 30-40C.


I was just confused by this sudden change in stability, as I used the same paste and I made sure the block was pressed down firmly. I'm sitting in a 20-23C room. I know I'm nitpicking with this marginal increase, but if there's something I can do to ensure those lower 19-22C temperatures in the future, it would be appreciated.


Thanks everyone!

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Thanks for the response, red-ray!


Below is a screenshot of my entire CL temperature information from the Home tab.


Screenshot Labelled LinkSS.jpg is a shot I found on my hard drive from when the original paste was on.

Screenshot Labelled LinkSS2.jpg was taken after the problem arose.


Thanks for your concern,




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The coolant is a couple of degrees warmer so I would expect the CPU to also be.


You are also incorrectly assuming the reported CPU temperatures are accurate when at low temperatures they can of off by a few °C.


As the load temperatures are much the same I don't think you have a real problem :biggrin:


Compare the old and new HDD + GPU temperatures, in general the system is warmer.




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I don't see an issue either. You have to be careful comparing idle behavior. Lots of environmental factors involved, length of time machine has been on, time of day, Windows OS behavioral changes, etc.


The simple answer is you may not have done as good a job applying the TIM as the previous installation. It is a skill and does take practice. I am not suggesting you take it off and do it again and again, but rather the differences you are perceiving may be down to the normal variability between paste jobs. Did you not use the pre-applied TIM on the first install? Usually skill in application trumps minute differences between compound performance, so don't get too caught up in TIM marketing wars.


I would suggest leaving it, unless you start to see actual temperature issues. If things really did go wrong, you will often see very jumpy, almost random CPU core temperature readings. This is often caused by using too much TIM, the most common mistake. That does not sound like it was a problem for you.

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