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[Scimitar]Need help with setting up macros, feeling dumb atm.


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I'm not sure it's even possible with the CUE software because I'm not seeing the option but I'm trying to setup macros on a per game/application basis. I'm trying to set it up so there is a Generic key map that the mouse is default to when using windows or browsing the web but when I launch a game like "Rise of the Tomb Raider" or "XCOM 2" macros I've made specifically for those games are loaded. I've tried searching for an answer on this put there are only threads on asking for help for creating macros in general.



Edit: NVM, I think I figured it out it's a global setting per profile(ugh, wanted per device)

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You set a default profile by having it listed first in CUE; this will be your Generic key map.

You create a profile per game/application basis, and associate the profile to the game/application, and when that game/application is the foreground window, the associated profile and its contained macros will become active.


It is easy to copy a profile so that you can make per-application/game modifications to it.


Every profile covers all of your Corsair devices.

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