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Asus A7V880 - TWINX1024-3200XL - wrong memory size!


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Hi Forum!


I hope you can help - just bought 2x512MB 3200XL (twinx1024) and added it to my new mainboard Asus A7V880 - the problem is, that only 768 MB are recognized by the system.


I left all settings in BIOS alone - any idea why this is? Any chance to get the whole 1024mb? Or need to send it to RMA?


Thanks in advance!


yoda22 from Austria!

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Is this RAM by itself or is there a 256Mb stick mixed in?


No - I got two CMX512-3200XL of the TWINX series. I just tried to put in one memory at once and figured out that one is only recognized as 256 mb, altough should by 512. I also let memtest86+ check the rams and the one with 512 was ok but the "256MB" bar had many errors (1 test-loop around 140 errors).


I think I can be quite sure now that one of the bars is bad - would you agree?

Should I request a RMA? Is there an european RMA center or only the headquater?

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Oh - another question - do I need to send back both RAMs or only the one, that is bad?


EDIT: Details for the bad RAM:


Partnumber: CMX512-3200XL

Version: XMS3208v1.1

Lot: 0435061-1


My System:

A7V880 with AMD Athlon 3200+

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