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Bad Memory Parts - need RMA to ship back

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Hello, i have two bad 256Mb memory modules. Both had the same problem at different times the first last year and the other this month : the computer started to crash and windows didn't start anymore, it also refused to reinstall. I tried each module separatly and they both fail the test from http://www.memtest86.com. With my other good memory module (same part number) my computer works fine and the memtest is good. Since them, i am sure they are bad parts.

My system : MB Asus P4PE Bios 1007 tried on default and auto settings, CPU P4 2400Mhz, FSB133.

They have both the same part numbers :

Corsair XMS2400 CODD0256-2400C2 CM64SD256-2400C2 013503.

I would like to reship them under warranty. Thank you.

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