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I picked up an H100i v2 just for testing use on new setups. The air cooler I had was pain to remove and change CPU's. I had to remove the RAM and GPU's to do it. With the H100, I just removed the CPU cooler. I received a bad 6950X that I have been testing. Half of the memory channels don't show with the 6950 installed. I have an RMA, so back it goes to Intel. I switch to the 6850k and everything is fine. I thought I'd give it one more try with the H100i installed, but still no good, so I thought I'd stress the 6850 H100i. After Realbench freezing after a minute, I realized it was MSI Afterburner causing the issue.


I am impressed with the cooling at stock speeds. I ran Realbench stress and all the cores stayed around 40ish. That's great for a 140w CPU. I don't think it can really handle any serious overclocking, but for a normal user or a mild overclocker, it can do the job. Being a DIY'r for 14 years, we used to laugh at these all in one systems. I'll still DIY for my computer, but any systems I build for others, I would definitely use this instead of air.



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