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HELP How do i test my water pump


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I have a h100iv2 instaled on my i7 cpu. all of a sudden today my radiator fans kicked up to maximum speed and my temps on my cpu are hitting 80+...help me what should i do. I suspect my WATER PUMP is failing or not pumping. I have shut the machine downand am using the old laptop atm
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  1. Does it show up in Device and Printers and/or Device Manager?
  2. Are any errors reported?
  3. Is the USB cable connected?
  4. Is it connected to the CPU_FAN header?
  5. Have you disabled fan control for the CPU_FAN header in the BIOS so the H100iV2 get's the constant +12 volts it needs?

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1. no its not showing up the device manager

2. I dont see any errors, windows boots up fine as far as i know

3. omg it WAS unplugged from the usb port..

4. the pump was connected to the cpu opt, i also tried a fan port as well.

5. I have never altered this setting


Well after plugging it back in it now does show up on the device manager and I have a new screenshot but it shows my pump at 0 rpms. Here is what happened to cause the usb to be unplugged. I usually have my card reader unplugged as it takes up a space on the mb. I meant to unplug one of the front cases usb slots to use the card reader and i must have unpluged the corsairs instead. Did i ruin my cooler by not having the usb plugged in


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Did i ruin my cooler by not having the usb plugged in


No, the USB is not required to make the system run, but it is necessary to report the coolant temperature and the control the system from the desktop software. In this case, it is as it appears your pump has failed in some way, confirmed by the pump speed and coolant temperature shown.


Start the RMA process here or seek a replacement of another kind.

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