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K70 RGB Lux Silent MX / K95 RGB Platinum Silent MX


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Both top keyboards, no option for Silent MX key switches?




Seriously, your reading is accurate; no need to doubt yourself! Apparently user research and the constraints of manufacturing indicated that for the current rollout period, it was optimal to focus on just a couple of switches, as listed on the web site and enumerated below.


K95 RGB Platinum

  • CHERRY MX RGB SPEED - Ultra Fast Actuation
  • CHERRY MX RGB BROWN Fast Actuation; Light Tactile Feedback


K70 LUX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


It may be surprising to you that the Silent MX key switches were not popular enough to make the current cut, so if you are a member of a large club or user group, you can find out if you represent a significant number of people, and have everyone give feedback to Corsair. I believe once sufficient demand is demonstrated that would show Corsair that it would be cost-effective for them to add another key switch option, that they would do it.

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