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did i make the right decision by going for the k95 rgb over the platnium for £20 less


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i managed to get a good deal on a k95 rgb brand new with the new logo and brown switches for £20 less than a k95 platinum with the same switches.

do you think it was a good idea especially since i am going to study computer science at uni so the extra macros might come in useful.


what does the k95 platinum offer over the k95 rgb which seems like it is being phased out apart from less keys, new keycaps and a fancy lightbar and logo?

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On-board memory to store macros and profiles, USB passthrough and updated LED controller (K95 can only display 512 colors).

It can actually display also 16,8m colors but depending on the chosen effects it may show flicker issues :p:



Anyway, all he said above. The K95 RGB REQUIRES CUE active and running in background for macros and lighting effects to work, it supports only software macros. The K95P instead supports hardware playback macros and lighting effects, only static lighting can be saved on the K95 RGB onboard memory otherwise.

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