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Corsair Link Update stuck - "Waiting for device"


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I just got the Corsair Lighting Node unit today with the four strips, finally got my case colored the way I want it with the strips in the right positions. Every time I would restart the computer, the Link controller would tell me there's a firmware update I need to do. I just started it, and it's sitting at 100%, but now it says that it's "Waiting for devices". I have no idea what version I was on, as I can't see that now, and it's been stuck like this for the past 15 minutes. All 4 strips are bright white right now, and if I go to close it out it tells me may device may become unusable, which the shop I got this from is 30 minutes away and I'm not really looking to spend 2 hours getting this swapped out. Does anybody know what to do?


Screenshot below


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read this thread ... several of us had issues with the LNP firmware.


I'm not sure if you ever got this figured out, but you need to add the strips. The controller recognizes they're there, but you need to manually ad them. I would post screenshots, but mine are frozen in a firmware update right now.. But at the main menu, you need to click the "+" bar next to the strip that is already lit up, then you can select "New Strip" or something along those lines, and you should be able to use them from there.


You should look before you create a new thread, http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=166694 tells you how to fix this ;):


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