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Nearly 3 year old H80i still leakproof?


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I own a H80i which I've got from rma in 2014. The package is still sealed.

As I went to air cooling with very good results I've forgotten my H80i.

My question is: Can I still install this cooler on a new system or will the tubes be leaking because of corrosion? The cooler was shipped 7/2014 bei Corsair.

I'm not sure if there is a 5 year warranty for the exchanged cooler or just the rest of the time of the original cooler purchase.

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Thank you for that information. Besides, I do not question the durabilty of your product. I just don't know what happens to the water cooler if it's in the box without being ever in use.

Just found the date of purchase which means warranty is finished 2 month ago.

So it might be no good idea for a brand new system if something might go wrong?

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