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Memory problems with 2/4 modules


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I have 4 CM66SD1024-2100/S / PC2100U-25330-B1 modules running in a Tyan Thunder i7505 S2665 motherboard with the latest bios (V1.14). Recently, my computer began to lag and have numerous failures. After extensive testing, it would appear that 2 of my memory modules are the culprit. When I remove them, my system performance improves greatly despite having the memory cut in half and the errors stop. Also I tested them using memtest32 and numerous errors are found. I have a system running linux so badram is an option, but this computer processes biomedical information that is mission critical to my research. If you have any suggestions regarding the memory error, please help me resolve this issue quickly so that I can begin crunching numbers safely again with my otherwise great Corsair memory.
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