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Corsair One Pro (Out of Stock).


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@Dustin --


Slightly confused about the following statement:



The CORSAIR ONE product landing currently shows the One Pro (Coming Soon!), One Pro 1080 960GB (OUT OF STOCK!), and One Pro 1080 Ti (OUT OF STOCK!), however, the phrase 'out of stock' often implies that an ecommerce SKU will eventually become 'In Stock' but it sounds like that is not that case. If the 1080 960GB and Ti builds for the ONE will never be stocked again why keep those SKUs up on the main landing page?


If you really want to continue featuring them prominently despite the fact they won't be stocked again, why not mark them with a note like the following. "No longer available. This build will not be stocked again but look for more superduperawesome iterations of the CORSAIR ONE in the future. In the mean time, the ONE PRO/480GB is our best shipping version of the Corsair One."


Like a few on this thread I am sitting on the sidelines unsure whether to jump for the current ONE PRO 1080 460GB or wait given your current forum posts and the language on the ONE landing page.



Did we ever get an answer on this? I've been holding off on getting one because I'd like the ONE PRO 1080 960 GB SSD but if this is never going to be coming back I'll have to decide on what else to do. I've been checking the forums and website pretty much daily for the last month and haven't seen any real updates. I don't mean to be annoying, just trying to figure out my plans going forward. Thanks.

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