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The Imperfect Trio RYZEN 1400, VENGEANCE LPX and ASUS B350 M


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Hello friends of CORSAIR

I am very happy because I just got my pair of memory strips, unfortunately this moment of ecstasy only lasted a few minutes with that trio, why?

Because I realized that the memory I had recently purchased did not work with the other components.

The combination in that Drinking night was Motherboard ASUS B350 PLUS, processor RYZEN 1400/5 and memory CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR4 16 GB 2x8 (CMK16GX4M2A2400C14) What happened then? Fan work properly, red lounge ligths start at the exact moment, then comes the worst the main component does not start , NO Bios, No configuration, NOTHING what a waste.

The reason after all, was lack of compatibility between components and memory strips, well for the moment as I can see.

I just saw the compatibility list in this forum and mine does not appear.

Dear friends of Corsair it is any hope that this memory will be included in the list of compatibility in a short time? or, on the contrary, you recommend returning them to the supplier and change for those that work?

Thanks in advance I appreciate your comments.

Alfredo Soto from Sahuayo Mèxico

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