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SSD Force GT 3 problem


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I've been Corsair user for many years (more than 8yrs!!) and today I decided I will stop using Your products at all.


Let me get this straight. I had load of problems with SSD Force GT 3 (120GB) from the day I've bought it and it kept continue until 3 years of usage.


Every now and then it was freezing my PC while surfing or doing some r/w thingies.

I tried thousands of workarounds and even various OS-es but nothing helped.

I always ended up on SSD to hang like this:




I can't even update firmware. Everytime I try to update from 5.03 to 5.05 it just says: Update failed.

Unbelievable thing is no one even cares here. All You suggest to Your customers is to replace SATA cables and PORTS. Are You kidding me??


The SSD is at full load as I am writing this post. It happened 3 times x 1min already @fresh installed Windows.


You could say this post is "hate" but I am just dissatisfied customer.


I had Voyager 3.0 USB sticks failing over and over again and getting them replaced as well as Corsair Vengeance RAM until I put the last one in the trash can.


This is my first and last post here and I'll just state here I will never ever buy anything from Corsair.


Only thing @ Corsair I see is cool is LOGO!


Thanks for reading.


Kind Regards,



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